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Hacksaw Ridge(2016)


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Jul 27, 2017
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This one's too a movie from 2016.Been a while i have watched a Good war movie and this movie fulfills the expectation.Movie based on the WW2 when US invaded japan's islands.When someone decides violence or Using Weapons isn't the only way Serving the Army and how much hate he gets and how he survives it all.

War can be a Traumatic Situation to face when you see your best buddy die ,the fox holes you shared with is full of blood in the end when everything ends you just wish you see someone with whom you can share your memories with .Those sufferings ,those days of hell just because people in the world can be happy .Nobody can replace the pain and loss.

About this movie .

Story: Based on a True Story , and has perfect way to narrate how non -violence can also be a part of war.

Acting: i would say since its a war movie it is gonna look like war and there is nothing much acting in it .so yes they did do well.

Screenplay: As expected there was a point where too much blood and Flesh were shown and it is ok to watch.

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