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Chat Info Doing Major Server Update

Administrator Feb 15, 2019

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    Heads up Chatters,

    Today oru major server side update panna poren, SO JS file(javascript) files la few changes irukkum + layout la sila modifications irukku, Ithu ellam ungaluku update aganumna, browser cache clear pannunga. Or you can try the chat through Incognito mode.

    To increase chat load and reducing message interaction time between server and user device.

    Outcome :

    • Ungaluku ellam clear ah update aachuna, chat fully functional aagum.
    • Chat 1 minute neenga idle la iruntha disconnect aagum, idhu nadakkurappo neengley purinjika vendiyathu thaan, oh namma cache clear pannala, so clear pannita sari aagidumnu
    • admin or moderator kitta poi noi noi nu complaint pannatheenga, unga browser cache and cookie clear pannita, ellam back to normal aagidum
    • Cache clear panniyum disconnect or connect agalana. Vera browser la try pannunga, angaiyum same issue iruntha. inga comment pannunga with screenshot.
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  2. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    working fine :) but icon konja perusa podunga admin ji :) private room icon romba small iruku
  3. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    ADMIN ji konjam enaku Kkodutha pro eduthutunga :D kandavanlam kekuran :D 5 to 6 years kuppa ali thatturaa old userslam :D lol oru un easy ah iruku :D pathil solla mudiyalaa avangaluku
  4. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Chat Update lam Super. Konjam Spammers ah Deactivate Panunga. Useless idiots Chat Screen flood panitey irukanunga.
  5. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    Ellam all set to go :D ready ah thaan irukku. Facebook, google, and twitter login. Normal register logins and guest login access remove panniduven.

    Idhaiyum thavirthu spam stop pananumna :D Nera avanunga veetla poi computer and phone ah pudingitu vanthita sari aagidum.
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  6. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

    Reg nick neenga create panra mathreya admin :dull:
  7. Star

    Star Member

    Lol ! :laughhard::laughhard:vayasaana apidi than bro chinatha theroum. Elarukum oru kavalanna ungaluku unga kavala
  8. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    :D adei :D perusa iruntha nalla irukum :) ;) eallamaay
  9. Star

    Star Member

    Bro :lwnm: ithu double meaning a?
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  10. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    :D ennam :) teliva irunthaa parkum paarvai :) nalla irukum :D 2 meaning 3 meaning 4 meaning :) kuda irukalam ana answer enbathu epovum oray meaning thaaan puriyalaaya :D puriyathu :D
  11. Star

    Star Member

    Ipo naan ena ketenu ivlo lentha a answer pandreenga
  12. Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar New Member

    ennala login chat room login panna mudiyala. Below message varuthu : any idea ?

    Your IP/Network is banned Please TURN OFF your IP Changer and Try again our website. If you are getting this message, then your IP address or your whole network is banned by our chat system.