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  1. RaNNa
    RaNNa Administrator
    Hi.sir.mobile apps update nalla iruku....and athula Pvt msg background la varpo display aga mateankuthu atha knjam update panunga sir...
  2. FeLiX
    Don't Change Ur Character For Any One Or Any Thing Because No One Can Play Ur Character Better Than U
  3. FeLiX
    Don't Judge Me, Because I'm Apart From Ur Judgements!!
  4. JBJB
    JBJB is a Featured MemberJBJB
    Happy Xmas All frndz
  5. S Rajesh Kumar
    S Rajesh Kumar
    My Birthday Today, Wishes ah pakkalamnu vandha, yaarum post pannala , so sad....
    1. Administrator
      lol :D inga ellam pombala pullaiku thaan wish neriyaaa vilum :D
      Dec 10, 2017
  6. Machoashwin
    Only oxygen nitrogen aragon and carbondioxide are in the air
  7. Machoashwin
    From know on I quite chat room and just stick to forum and yes like I said love or affection what ever that shit it is, it's not in air
  8. Fox
    Fox Arima
    Sollu da matchi.. Yenna doubt -_-
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  9. Machoashwin
    Love is in the air ??? Bull shit only nitrogen , oxygen ,argon and carbon dioxide are in the air
  10. SaravediSankar
    oho inga ethelam koda erkaa...Expolring forum ...nice work ya Kudos to tamil2friends team
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  11. Machoashwin
    Machoashwin Hana
    :) nice meeting you hana
  12. !Rakesh!
    Advance happy birthday wishes acekarthik
  13. Machoashwin
    Katapaaa killed Bahubali for some reason :( setupah you killed this idhaya Murali for no reason :(
    1. Tamil Forums
      Nov 7, 2017
  14. Machoashwin
    Machoashwin ! RaVaNaN !
    Thank you bro
  15. Machoashwin
  16. Machoashwin
    I'm a sound desginer , dubbing engineer , Foley engineer at my own studio sound nation
  17. Michelle Bacon
    Michelle Bacon
    Hey All!! :)
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    2. Michelle Bacon
      Michelle Bacon
      of course i am!!! i like in here! :D
      Nov 5, 2017
    3. Insomniac
      I can see that :D Have fun then ..
      Nov 5, 2017
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    4. Michelle Bacon
      Michelle Bacon
      thanks insom :D
      Nov 5, 2017
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  18. Susan
    Weekend comes to an end
  19. Shizuka
    No matter the truth..ppl see what they want to see :)
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  20. Susan
    Love one another!!